5 Ways To Monetize A Small Social Media Presence

You don’t have to be diamond play button-eligible to make money through you social media presence. No matter the size of your audience, there are plenty of ways to make money through promoting things to your followers.

Here are five ways to monetize a small social media presence.

1. Search for brand ambassador positions on Instagram.

Many small companies reach new customers through brand ambassadors. These growing social media influencers promote the company in exchange for discounts, free merchandise, or a cool line on their resumes.

Search Instagram for brand ambassador positions with companies whose products you’d love to have anyway. You can search hashtags like #brandambassadorswanted or #brandrepsearch to find opportunities. Then, to apply, you may need to fill out a form, make a post, or message the company.


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2. Create affiliate links and generate sales.

Affiliate links are a great way to make money on any product you recommend. The way it works is simple. You obtain a link for a product you love and share it with your followers. Then, when they use that link to make a purchase, you’ll receive a small portion of the sales.

Amazon Associates is one of the easiest and most popular ways to create affiliate links. You can get up to 10% in advertising fees.

3. Find sponsorships on platforms like Ogila.

Many advertisers would rather work with creators who have small, engaged audiences than those with vast but passive audiences. When you do a sponsorship, you’ll be paid to promote a product or service either in a video or on social media. The more successful your sponsorships are, the more you can charge for them in the future.

Ogila is a great place to find sponsorship, no matter the size of your audience. They make finding sponsorships and getting paid for them super quick and easy.

4. Use your following to get an edge in social media-related job applications.

As a growing social media influencer, you have the skills and expertise to work in social media marketing. Plenty of companies use social media marketing to reach new customers, so they are always hiring for related positions.

Search for local social media marketing positions. Use your growing following as an edge in your application. When you get the job, you’ll be able to make money while perfecting the skills that will help you grow your own social media presence outside of work.

5. Generate your own direct sales.

Since your following is relatively small, you have a good platform for direct sales. Because you don’t yet need a separate company to produce and ship your merchandise, you can start a small business from the comfort of your own home!

If you’re into crafting, painting, etc., consider starting your own Etsy shop. You can even design, create, and sell your own unique channel merch. If you don’t consider yourself very artistic, learn to make something simple such as essential oil blends or slime.

You don’t need millions of followers to start making money through your social media presence. Find sponsorships or start a small business of your own.

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