5 Ways Musicians Can Make Money From Home

Musicians are faced with a ton of opportunities to make money from the comfort of their homes. Armed with talent and an entrepreneurial mindset, artists can grow and add new revenue streams.

Below are 5 ways musicians can make money without having to step out of their homes:

1. Offer music lessons

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A rewarding way to make money from music is to offer lessons to others. You can have students coming to your house and learn or conduct live learning sessions over Skype. Approach local stores to refer you to potential students. Additionally, create a digital poster to promote your music class via social media. Music lessons are a great way to utilize your free time productively.

2. Write songs and jingles


Did you know that Lady Gaga started out with Interscope by writing lyrics for Britney Spears and The Pussycat Dolls? Provide songwriting services to musicians as an extra line of work. You could even try working as a lyricist for local music producers and record labels. Several musicians have also made money by writing and producing jingles for radio advertisements. Approach local and community radio stations and submit your jingle demos. Song lyrics and jingles are a lucrative way to make money. 

3. Rent out your gear or studio to other musicians

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A lot of musicians out there cannot afford expensive instruments. A great way to earn some extra money is to rent out your gear during down time. Additionally, if you have invested in a home-recording studio, you can rent the space to musicians who want to record an album. Sparkplug is a great site to list both equipment and space for rent. The website allows musicians to communicate with potential borrowers to ensure the safety of their gear and recording space. Rentals range from $10 t0 over $500 every day. Use this platform to rent your equipments or home-studio and make money.

4. Produce a digital guide for musicians 

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Create an eBook or a digital guide to help musicians who are just starting out. Offer tips and tricks that would help independent musicians get off the ground. Mention what strategies worked for you and what didn’t. Provide emerging musicians with information that will help them to progress their music career. You can partner with Amazon to sell your digital guides. Use your free time to produce content that other musicians can live by.

5. Raise money through crowdfunding

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If you want to raise money for an album, consider crowdfunding. A lot of musicians have used crowdfunding as a means to achieve their career goals. A strategic campaign can help you raise the required funds to cover the costs of producing and marketing your album. Read our post on 3 Keys To Effective Crowdfunding For Musicians before you kick-start your campaign.

You don’t always have to go on tour or record a new album to make money as a musician. Explore your opportunities and start generating an income from the comfort of your living room couch.

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