How To Get YouTube Viewers To Watch More Of Your Channel

Organize your channel to offer viewers with a comfortable viewing experience. Follow the tips below and make it easy for viewers to keep watching your videos:

1. Compile your videos into playlists

Organize your YouTube videos into playlists to get viewers to watch more of your channel. A playlist includes a series of videos with a similar theme. The purpose of using playlists is to increase watch-time and make your videos rank in search and suggested results. Since playlists auto-play the next video, they retain viewers on YouTube and increasing watch-time. Therefore, organize similar videos into a single playlist to get viewers to watch more.

Watch more through playlists

Jamie Oliver’s playlists on YouTube

2. Use YouTube interactive cards

Use cards to encourage viewers to watch all your YouTube videos. Cards are similar to annotations except they are optimized for desktop as well as mobile viewing. Essentially, they are pre-formatted notifications that appear on videos to promote your channel or call viewers to action.  Videos that are set up with cards preview an information icon on the top right corner. When viewers click the icon, the card set up for the video will appear along the right side. Cards are a great way to feature other relevant videos and playlists on your channel. Watch the below video for example:

3. Upload videos regularly

Regularly uploading fresh content creates an impression that there is always something new and exciting on your channel. By following a routine publishing schedule you can get more repeat viewers. Communicate your publishing schedule to viewers in your videos, channel description and channel art. Remember, consistent uploading is the key to get viewers to watch more of your videos. Watch the below video by YouTube Creator Academy on how to engage viewers regularly.

Viewers love to consume good content. By making it easy to navigate your channel and watch more videos, you can build a loyal audience. Hence, follow the above easy strategies to get YouTube viewers to watch more of your channel.

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