5 Tips For Styling Your Video Background

When you’re filming another YouTube video, the background may be the last thing on your mind. However, the aesthetic of your video ground can affect your viewers’ ability to focus on the content of your video. The last thing you want is a comments section filled with questions about the distracting poster behind you rather than anything having to do with the video itself. A polished video background can also make your videos appear more professional and visually appealing.

Here are five tips for styling your video background.

1. Start with a neutral wall.

First, start by choosing a blank wall to film in front of. It will be easier to frame shots in front of a wall than a corner or open area. If you want to film on your bed, couch, etc., then clear anything hanging on the wall behind it.

Next, you can jazz up that neutral space by adding a solid color background. You can hang seamless paper, fabric, or a greenscreen, depending on the kinds of videos you plan to film. If you have a space that will only be used for filming, then you might even paint the wall.

2. Choose a color palette that compliments your personal style.

Before you begin to decorate, choose a color palette to work from. Go with something that matches your personal style so it won’t clash with your outfits on camera. For example, if you wear a lot of red, then a pink and yellow background might look out of place. However, you don’t want your background to be exactly the same shade as most of your clothes; you don’t want to accidentally camouflage yourself.

Your color palette should also coordinate with your channel branding. Consider using colors that match or are similar to the ones in your channel art or logo. To find matching colors, look at their complementary colors on the color wheel.

3. Less is always more.

Next, choose furniture decor items for your filming space. You might hang string lights, posters, or fan art on the wall behind you. Remember, however, that less is always more. A few well-placed pieces of decor will look much nicer than a wall cluttered with pretty things.

Moreover, if you hang pictures, be mindful that they don’t give away too much personal information. For example, a family portrait might look nice, but it could also pose privacy risk. The same applies for items that give away your location, such as posters for local landmarks or even windows that show the view outside your house.

4. Comfort is key.

Your background should serve to welcome viewers into your space. You want them to feel comfortable, as if they’re listening to a friend talk rather than watching a professionally produced video. So, don’t think that your background has to look perfectly put together. Authenticity will help your viewers feel at home.

Additionally, your personal comfort should also be taken into consideration. If a neon sign on your wall looks cool but hurts your eyes, just take it down. If you feel weird filming from your bedroom, then you should choose a different spot in your house. You’re ultimately in charge of what your background looks like on camera, so you should design a space that makes you feel comfortable, too.

5. Do a screen test on any alterations before filming a video.

Finally, before you start filming a video with your new background, do a round of test shots. Experiment with different lighting and frames so that you can see how it will look in a video. Move your camera around to test different angles as well.

Then, whenever you alter anything about your video background, conduct another screen test. That way, you can make sure you like the way it will look in your video before fully committing. You might even have a friend watch your test shots so they can tell you if the new change is distracting.

A well-styled video background can make your content more visually appealing. Follow these tips to create a polished but welcoming background to film in front of.

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