5 Tips For Creating Videos That Trend

When a video lands on the trending page, it attracts the attention of thousands or even millions of viewers who may not have watched it otherwise. Reaching the trending page is a goal many creators strive towards, no matter what niche their content falls under. Many prominent creators have unlocked a formula for creating videos that consistently trend.

Here are five tips to help you create videos that trend.

1. Closely follow the advertiser-friendly content guidelines.

Because the trending page shows the same videos to viewers of all ages across the world, YouTube has filters in place to ensure those videos are safe for all viewers. They automatically filter out videos that contain violence, mature themes, or excessive profanity. They also have employees in certain locales who manually view the trending videos as well.

In order to ensure your video can make it past these filters and onto the trending page, you should closely follow the advertiser-friendly content guidelines. These rules determine the kind of videos that can be monetized, but they’re similar to the standards for trending videos. Besides, with all the views that come with hitting the trending page, you’ll definitely want your video to be monetized!

2. Think outside the box.

The YouTube trending page aims to highlight content that’s surprising or novel. It would be boring if everything on the trending page looked the same. Therefore, when you’re brainstorming video ideas, don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

For example, you might take a popular challenge and raise the stakes, or you could invent a new challenge of your own. You could share your hot take on a new movie or react to a song that just dropped. Your video might seek to answer a question viewers might not have thought to ask or carry out a unique scientific experiment.

Mark Rober doesn’t upload often, but his videos always dominate the trending page. This is because every video he creates is unlike anything else on the platform. Viewers click play because they haven’t seen something like his videos before.

3. Focus on videos ideas with wide audience appeal.

You should strive to come up with video ideas that, while unique, also have wide audience appeal. Again, every user sees the same videos on the trending page, so the videos that make it there appeal to viewers across a diverse demographic.

While your video can fit within a content niche, you should find a way to make it relatable to viewers outside your chosen demographic. For example, if you create sewing tutorials, you could make your videos appeal to people who don’t sew by injecting comedy. If you’re a gamer, you could create a narrative with the characters in the story so viewers who don’t play can still understand.

The Try Guys have developed a style of content that appeals to viewers of all ages. Even if the subject of the video is niche, they frame it in a way that makes it accessible for practically any viewer. They explore a diverse range of topics, but they start the majority of their videos as beginners, inviting experts to help introduce viewers to something new.

4. Be straightforward with your title and thumbnail.

Another stipulation of the trending page is that content cannot be sensational, misleading, or “clickbaity.” Therefore, you should choose a video title that’s as straightforward as possible. It can be vague or mysterious, but the video must deliver on what the title promises.

The thumbnail you design should be straightforward as well. Make it bright and expressive, but stay away from anything that could be considered clickbait. You might create several thumbnail options then poll your friends or followers to see which one is the most effective.

MrBeast is another creator who practically lives on the trending page. While his video ideas are outside-the-box, he always delivers on the promises he makes in his video titles. His thumbnails also show just enough of the video to be interesting without giving away the ending. Viewers know how the video will start, but they don’t know how everything will unfold.

5. Promote your video as quickly as possible to turn up the temperature.

When deciding which videos will make it to the trending page, YouTube considers several factors, such as the view count, where the views are coming from, and the age of the video. However, one of the most important factors is the “temperature” of the video, which means how quickly it’s generating views.

To increase the likelihood that your video will trend, focus on turning up the temperature as soon as it’s uploaded. Inform your viewers in advance exactly when your next video will go live.Then, as soon as the video drops, start posting the link on your social media accounts. Encourage viewers to share the video themselves by replying to and retweeting fans who post about it.

In order to turn up the temperature on your next upload, schedule a Premiere. Then, you can gather your audience in advance for a live chat and a countdown. To upload your video as a Premiere, follow the instructions in the tutorial below.

In order to reach the trending page, a video needs to have wide appeal as well as a high temperature. Heat things up by thinking outside the box and scheduling your next upload as a Premiere.

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