5 Other Kinds Of Content To Create To Get More Viewers

YouTube is so much more than simply music. Audiences crave new and different content. While a viewer may be entertained by weekly original music videos for a while, he or she will be more likely to stay involved with a channel that is varied and interesting. Here are five other kinds of content that will drive viewers to your channel.

1. Tutorials

Step-by-step how-to’s have driven many YouTubers to sudden fame, such as is the case with beauty guru Michelle Phan. Audiences love to learn new things.

What are you good at? Can you do a wicked winged eyeliner? Do you build tiny houses on the side? Make a few tutorial videos to mix in with your musical content.

2. Vlogs

A vlog is a video about your daily life. Keeping viewers updated on all of the interesting things that you’re doing will have them checking back for more.

Heffron Drive’s Dustin Belt keeps vlogs while the band is on tour. He shows the unique and the goofy sides of touring across the country.

3. Challenges

Challenge videos are comedy that anyone can do. Gather a few friends and film yourselves trying nasty baby food, unusual jelly beans, or old leftover concoctions.

YouTuber Bunny uses challenges as just one facet of her very varied channel.

4. Behind-The-Scenes

Fans of your music will love nothing more than to know what goes on behind the camera. Cut together a few clips of rehearsals and recording sessions for a peek behind-the-scenes.

Heffron Drive’s Kendall Schmidt made this behind-the-scenes video when the band played South By Southwest.

5. Q and A’s

Your viewers are full of questions. Collect the best submissions from Twitter, Instagram, or the YouTube comments to fuel a questions and answers video.

The Merrell Twins post occasional Q and A videos, such as this one.

By posting different kinds of videos on your channel, you will both draw in new fans and better serve your current subscribers. Think outside of the music box to expand your channel to new horizons.

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Kristen Harris enjoys listening to a wide range of music, from Taylor Swift to, on occasion, Celtic instrumental. She also spends her time writing, reading, and baking.

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