4 Ways To Grow Your Channel Using The Fortnite Trend

Fortnite, the multiplayer battle royale game, has taken YouTube by storm. People of all ages have been playing the game nonstop, and its popularity shows no signs of diminishing.

As a creator, you can hop on the Fortnite bandwagon to help grow your channel. Here are a few video ideas any creator can use.

1. Play using a very specific set of rules.

Plenty of vloggers have done Fortnite Let’s Plays. Therefore, in order to make yours stand out, try playing the game using a very specific set of rules. For example, you may play the game blindfolded or only using one hand.

John Green is an author, not a gamer. However, he decided to play Fortnite as a pacifist, meaning that he would never be the first to shoot. The goal of his video series is to win a round of Fortnite without harming anyone.

2. Take the Fortnite Dance Challenge.

Another thing that makes Fortnite so popular is the victory dances the characters do when a user wins. The Fortnite Dance Challenge has gone as viral as the game itself.

Take the challenge yourself and attempt to do your favorite Fortnite dances. Even if you don’t have rhythm, your viewers will love to laugh along with you.

3. Go live.

Many viewers love watching live streams because they get to hang out with their favorite creators in real time. Set a specific time to play Fortnite on a live stream so that your viewers can watch and play at the same time.

Gamers like SSSniperWolf sometimes archive their live streams so that viewers can watch them back.

4. Try on Fortnite costumes.

The Fortnite craze has also spawned several costumes, both those sold online and DIY versions. For a video, try on a few Fortnite costumes or attempt to make your own. You can even add a poll so your viewers can vote on which costumes they liked best.

For Halloween, SSSniperWolf tried on a few Fortnite costumes in a video her audience loved.

Fortnite is so popular that any video related to the game has the potential to go viral. Try a few of these Fortnite video ideas to grow your channel.

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