4 ways to get YouTube subscribers for free

Having put in the all the love, tears & sweat to create an awesome video for your target audience, you can get more views  for your video & gain more subs on your YouTube channel with these easy tips for free!

Here’s our list of 4 simple things, you can do to get YouTube subscribers for free for your YouTube channel:

1) Add A Subscribe Annotation

Simply go to the video manager section, select your video & edit to add the annotation or subscribe button for your channel in all your videos. Adding a subscribe button with annotation options like spotlight, towards the last 10 seconds of your video is the most simplest & effective way to get viewers who like your content to subscribe to the channel. You can also ask viewers to subscribe in the video description & in the channel description you give.  An extra tip is to add in a sweet & short, 3 seconds intro video for branding in all of your videos. Just upload the intro video & set it as a branding into, under your channel settings. Throw in a good cover pic, profile pic & your will have a professional looking channel that can attract more views & subs.

2) Collaborate & Interact

The easiest thing you can do to build your YouTube network is to collaborate & interact with other vloggers who already have an existing fan base . Just adding, a simple interactive comment on other popular videos, asking viewers to check out your channel, can help you gain more views & subs easily. Make sure to reply to the comments on your own videos to get to know your audience better & to build your network. Check out vloggers you love, who are in the same city to interact & collaborate for making videos. It will help you both gain more views & subs.

3) Use Awesome Titles &Thumbnails

To get people to view your content, use good titles & thumbnails for your videos. Just go to your video manager on your channel, to edit & add customized thumbnails for your videos. To make titles more simple & catchy, use words that your target audience is most likely to search for. Get the right keywords in the title & use the appropriate tags to get more views for your content & to get YouTube subscribers for your channel.

4) Make A Series & Share

Use the YouTube’s official series playlist option to create a series of videos under the same group. With this, the total views you get on all the videos in your channel will be more, plus the chances of someone viewing your other videos & subscribing are higher. Make sure you upload new content at least once every 3 days. And do share your content on social media platforms. Join relevant Facebook groups & Google plus communities to post your content & get more views from people who are most likely to view your videos & subscribe to your channel.

YouTube is one of the best platforms to broadcast yourself & your unique content. With these tips & good content, you can get more views & subs for your channel for free. Just remember to stay motivated & keep trying new strategies to make your channel more successful.

Got a tip that you want to share, for gaining more subs? We’d love to hear from you. Share them in the comments below. Click on this link to learn, how Promolta can help your YouTube videos gain more views. www.promolta.com


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