4 Types of Tutorials Every YouTuber Should Make

In a tutorial video, a vlogger teaches his or her viewers how to do something. YouTube tutorials are abundant, and for a good reason, too! Tutorial videos are fun, helpful, and popular because everyone likes to learn new things!

Here are four of the most common types of tutorials and why aspiring YouTube stars should create them.

1. Makeup tutorials teach viewers an everyday skill.

Makeup tutorials are very popular because the world of makeup is quite complicated! Many people struggle with choosing the right products, applying the correct amount of makeup, and applying it the right way. Many people actually learn how to apply makeup with YouTube tutorials, and if you have a knack for makeup, you can teach countless people!

Not only can YouTubers make tutorials for everyday makeup, but they can also teach people how to apply “scary” makeup, “stage” makeup, and costume makeup. Lastly, don’t forget that makeup and makeup tutorials are not limited to one gender!

Check out this video of the YouTuber Viva_Glam_Kay, in which she gives a “bold” makeup tutorial. Also take a note of the attention-grabbing before-and-after picture in the thumbnail!

2. Game tutorials help viewers advance in their favorite games.

Have you ever gotten stuck on a level in a game and decided to go to YouTube to find out how to beat it? It may not have been your proudest moment, but you can’t deny that game tutorials and walkthroughs are very helpful! Tons of people watch game tutorials to learn how to beat games, and also because they love watching people play their favorite games!

Even a few of the most popular YouTubers, such as PewdiePie, found success by posting gaming videos! If there’s a game that you love and are good at, it’s both fun and smart to create gaming tutorials to boost your popularity.

Check out this game tutorial, in which the YouTuber walks his viewers through the first part of Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.

3. Music tutorials teach viewers new art forms and save them money on music lessons.

So many people want to learn how to play instruments or improve their musical skills, but they can’t afford music lessons. Therefore, they turn to YouTube, and this makes music tutorials incredibly popular.

Especially if you are a budding musician, creating a music tutorial is a great way to simultaneously showcase your talent and help your viewers.

Check out this tutorial, in which Ukulele Underground teaches young musicians how to play the ukulele in five minutes. This video is clear, exciting, and makes learning an instrument look easy.

4. Academic tutorials help students succeed in school.

Academic tutorials are extremely popular. Countless people use academic tutorials, and often learn more from them than they do in school. Educated YouTubers often explain academic concepts better than teachers do, and they also use clear explanatory graphics.

The best thing about academic tutorials, though, is that viewers can pause, slow down, and rewatch the tutorial until they fully understand the concepts. When you post an academic tutorial, you not only can increase your channel’s popularity, but you can actually help students do better in school!

Check out this video from Khan Academy, which introduces and highlights the beauty of algebra. It explains the concepts well, gives creative examples, gives the viewers inspiration, and is a great learning experience!

Tutorial videos are not only fun and popular, but they genuinely help people learn and succeed. If you make makeup tutorials, gaming tutorials, music tutorials, and academic tutorials, you will both gain popularity and benefit your community.

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David Yaghutiel is a Bay Area native who enjoys traveling, theatre, playing the ukulele, and learning as much about the world as he possibly can. He also occasionally daylights as a senior at UCLA.

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