4 Things You Must Do For Long Videos

Does your video have a lot of content that’s just too great to cut out? No matter what your video is about, you want to make sure that your viewers love every minute of it.

Here are some ways to ensure that a long video gets the viewership it deserves.

1. Break it into multiple parts.

This is the best tip for a video that’s taking a long time to upload! Split the video into “Part 1”, “Part 2”, etc. This will make the uploading process faster, and viewers will be inclined to click on more of your videos.

Examples of videos that can be split into multiple parts are lengthy interviews, stories, reviews, daily vlogs, or live streams.

2. Include large text graphics or annotations.

Every time something noteworthy happens, provide a large text graphic explaining what is happening. This will be helpful for viewers who want to watch the video for one aspect. They will be able to fast forward to the points where they see the text, graphics, or annotations.

In this video of how to make the perfect vanilla cake, Yolanda provides annotations link to other how-to videos she has made.

3. Make it energetic.

Energy can be expressed in the form of action, colors, music, and more. By being active and energetic in your video, you make it much more fun to watch! Stand up, walk around, or even drive in your car. Bright colors will help make the video more exciting and keep the viewer engaged. You can easily incorporate colors in the background, materials you use, and clothes you wear.

This video is a great example of what to do. The colors in the background are aesthetically pleasing, and the vlogger stays on her feet.

4. Put effort into filming and editing.

If you know that the video is going to be long, film it in a creative way. Use different angles and artistic approaches to keep the viewer engaged.

Think of long videos as episodes or short films. Put as much creativity into filming and editing as you can.

Long videos can be very entertaining to watch. It is important to put extra effort into certain aspects of long videos to ensure that every viewer is watching something worth his time.

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