4 Things Musicians Can Learn From Beyonce’s “Lemonade”

“Lemonade” marked Beyonce’s sixth consecutive number one album in the country and left fans and skeptics alike surprised, emotional, and inspired. The album was accompanied by a one hour film which premiered on HBO and which has also been called Beyonce’s greatest artistic venture yet.

Here are a few things musicians can learn from the Queen B’s “Lemonade.”

1. Tell a story.

One of the most compelling things about the album is it’s story. Any musician can tell a story with a song, but it takes a certain level of artistry and creativity to extend the story throughout an entire album.

Focus on storylines and cohesion throughout the album to pull listeners deeper and keep them fully engaged.

2. Use your personal experiences.

Within the album, Beyonce revealed the past infidelities of her husband. Her use of her own experiences contributed to the authenticity of the album and provided compelling material. Furthermore, the album is entitled, “Lemonade,” as a reference to a story told to Beyonce by her grandmother.

Don’t hesitate to draw inspiration from personal experiences when creating music.

3. Be unpredictable.

The first single from the album, “Formation,” was released with no notice. Although Beyonce released a short, 20-second teaser trailer for Lemonade, she didn’t do anything else to indicate what it was or what it was about.

Don’t be scared to surprise your fans or be unpredictable.

4. Send a message.

“Lemonade,” and especially the video for “Formation,” carry strong social and political messages. Most notably, Beyonce alludes to the “Black Lives Matter” movement. When an artist becomes established it becomes important for them to use their platforms to speak up about what they believe in. Beyonce effectively demonstrates that through “Lemonade.”

Musicians can learn a lot from Beyonce, especially from the “Lemonade” album. Throughout the years, she has remained socially and musically relevant all while using her platform to support her beliefs.

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