4 Things You Can Learn From Prince

The music industry lost one of its greatest legends when Prince past away. His influence will continue to live on, however. Here are four things that you can learn from Prince.


 1. Learning the production side of things pays of in the end.

Prince was more than just a singer. He learned how to produce and engineer his own records, a skill that allowed him to take even more creative control of his own projects.

By learning to produce your own music, you will be able to innovate your own sound. Maybe like Prince, the new tricks you invent will join the canon of musical production technique.

2. Embracing new technology will turn you into a pioneer.

Prince invested his first major earnings from Dirty Mind into updated recording equipment. By learning to work with the most modern equipment, he pioneered his original sound.

Keeping your gear up-to-date isn’t nearly as important as keeping your skill level current. Rather than being daunted by new technology, learn how to master it.

3. Expanding your horizons is a good idea.

Never one to color between the lines, Prince could go from an intricate guitar solo on one track to a lyrical piano melody in the next. By utilizing so much variation in his music, Prince created something for everyone.

Don’t stick yourself in one musical niche. By expanding your musical stylings, you will express who you are as an artist more thoroughly.

4. Crafting your image will reflect your unique individuality.

Everyone knows who Prince is. He created a character for himself to play- a louder version of himself. By not being afraid to be someone unique, Prince created a platform from which he could say what he felt needed to be said.

Rather than shying away from standing out, reflect your individuality as a musician. Who you are is more than just what’s in your songs. Prince changed the music industry. There is still so much that can be learned from his glittering career.

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Kristen Harris enjoys listening to a wide range of music, from Taylor Swift to, on occasion, Celtic instrumental. She also spends her time writing, reading, and baking.


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