4 Reasons Sheena Lakhani is Meant to Be a Star

Canadian Persian dancer and actress Sheena Lakhani is the kind of performer who can do it all. Sheena has dedicated her entire life to the stage. Her passion for performance has taken her all over the world.

Here are four reasons why Sheena Lakhani is meant to be a star.

1. She’s been dancing since the age of five.

When she was only five years old, Sheena began taking lessons in ballet, tap, and jazz dance. She competed in local, state, and university level dance competitions for fifteen years.

When she studied at the University of North Carolina, Sheena continued to pursue her love of dance by training in the modern contemporary style. Since completing her triple degree, Sheena has learned salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia, reggaeton, hip-hop, traditional, Indian, and ballroom dancing.

2. She’s acted in three unreleased Bollywood films.

Further proving herself as a diverse talent, Sheena Lakhani starred in three Bollywood films. She was featured in Bombay Dreams, Luv Ke Funday, and Cash Hai Toh Aish Hai.

Luv Ke Funday was released in July 2016. Sheena plays the role of Priya.

3. She’s brilliant as well as talented.

Sheena Lakhani is so much more than a performer. When she was at the University of North Carolina, she studied finance, accounting, and international business. She also minored in Spanish.

She has also learned other several languages, including Romanian, German, French, Sanskrit, Hindi, and Latin. Sheena used her talent for languages to star in Romanian language plays.

4. She starred in Hadi Hajilou’s new music video.

Sheena was both the producer and the lead actress for Hadi Hajilou’s “Meri Ankhon (My Eyes)” music video. This Hindi-Farsi Bollywood music video was released on Vevo in October 2015.

In “Meri Ankhon (My Eyes)” Sheena gave a breathtaking performance. She is both elegant and alluring as Hadi Hajilou’s lover.

Sheena Lakhani is as incredible a performer as they come. With her extensive background and diverse talent, she is destined for amazing things.

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