4 Best Free iPhone Apps For Content Creators

If you’re a budding content creator working on a tight (and practically non-existent) budget, here are four free useful iPhone apps to guide you in your video-making process.

1. iMovie

iMovie now comes free for all iOS users, so if you don’t need to do any fancy editing for your videos, this should be your go-to. You’re going to be making short videos and nothing too elaborate or complicated on your phone, so iMovie does the job quite nicely.

You can add text, videos, photos, music, and do precise editing of clips, as well as apply fast or slow motion to your footage.

2. Video FX Editor and Cinematic Movie Maker

This is a great app to use to touch up and add minor special effects to your edited videos. It doesn’t have any of the technical functions of video-editing software (e.g. cutting clips), so it should be used after you edit in iMovie.

There are only a few functions, such as adding a filter to the video, adding text, and applying animated special effects. However, there are many different detailed variations (e.g. what kind of animation, plenty of different fonts, many different filters). This app helps add artistic touches to the end product, and it gives more life to the video.

Although the following isn’t the exact same app, this free iPhone dupe functions in the same way.

3. Celtx

This is a great app that will help you arrange your scenes and stay organized. The app arranges everything in a storyboard format, where you can roughly draw out and label with given icons the scenes, staging, camera placement, lighting, and production staff/crew members.

Once you settle with the storyboard plan, you can share this with others by exporting it as a PNG, PDF, or SVG. This is great because it ensures that the day’s shoot will begin and end smoothly because everyone is in the loop and has a physical plan in their hands to follow.

4. Digislate

This app functions as a digital “clapper” to use on set, as every movie shoot needs. It is pretty much self-explanatory, as everything on the screen when you use the app is simply what you see in a normal clapper or slate (name of the movie, which scene, which take, etc.).

It’s really easy to use, and it saves you money so you don’t have to go out and buy a physical clapper (which can get quite pricey). It’s also a lot easier to manage because it’s on your phone, and you can also customize the color and tone of the clapper.

Here’s a basic guide to clappers and how to slate, which you can apply to the app.

Working on a tight budget doesn’t have to hold you back. Be resourceful and take advantage of the easily accessible technology in your hands to lead your team in an orderly fashion. Using the above free apps, you’ll find that you have not only saved a lot of money, but you’ve also simplified the video-making process and centralized it into your hands as the leader and director.

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Angelina Hue enjoys listening to wide variety of music, from instrumental movie scores to alternative indie to Korean pop music. She also likes to make short films and write fiction.

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