How To Manage Creative Burnout As A Vlogger

As a vlogger, your career depends on your creativity. Therefore, you’re also at risk for creative burnout, which is characterized by heavy exhaustion and lack of interest in your work. However, you don’t have to worry, so long as you take steps to manage your creative burnout.

Here’s how to manage creative burnout as a vlogger.

1. Don’t be afraid to take a break if you need to.

The YouTube community has been one of the most vocal online platforms for mental health awareness. Many of the biggest names on YouTube advocate for putting your own mental health first. For many creators, this can involve taking a break when necessary.

If you explain your need for a break, your audience will be sure to understand. After getting the rest you need, you’ll be able to come back with bigger and better content.

Breakout vlogger Elle Mills recently announced that she would be taking a social media hiatus in order to focus on her health.

2. Try your hand at something new.

Sometimes, when creative burnout hits, you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. To get your creative juices flowing again, try your hand at something new. Make a video in a different niche than you usually do.

For example, if you’re a beauty vlogger who also loves to cook, you could share your favorite cookie recipe with your audience. If you’re a gamer with kids, why not introduce your family in a special vlog instead?

Gabbie Hanna is known for her story times and other funny videos. However, when she found a cool new lipstick she wanted to try, she made a beauty video instead.

3. Focus on quality over quantity.

Creative burnout can also hit when you’re overworking yourself. If you’re pushing out content for content’s sake, then you may be sacrificing the quality of your videos. Instead of trying to upload as often as possible, shift your focus to videos you’re truly passionate about.

This may require an adjustment to your upload schedule. Be sure to explain the changes to your audience and promise they’ll be happy with the changes. Work on projects that remind you why you started making videos in the first place.

Shane Dawson was one of the first major YouTubers. After more than a decade of making videos, he began to struggle with creative burnout. So, Shane stopped his daily uploads and instead shifted his focus to starting a production company with his vlogger friend Garrett Watts. Together, they create bigger and better videos.

Creative burnout is something all vloggers may struggle with. However, by taking breaks, trying something new, and focusing on quality, you can manage your creative burnout before it hits.

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