How To Promote Your Music To An Online Audience

Music is moving into the digital age. Instead of CDs, most listeners are downloading or streaming music online. Therefore, it’s important to promote your music in a way that appeals to online listeners.

Here are three ways to sell more music online.

1. Pass out promotional cards or posters at shows.

Even though most people get their news and updates online, they’ll still be more intrigued by a card or poster than an email. Create business cards with the name of your new single or album, where it’s available for download, and your social media handles. Have your friends or team members pass around these cards during your shows.

You can also hand out promotional posters. Because a poster is a free piece of merchandise, concertgoers will be more likely to look at it. A few may even ask you to sign their posters.

Watch this video to learn how to design your own business card in Photoshop.

2. Reward social media fan clubs.

Heffron Drive frontman Kendall Schmidt often gets in contact with the presidents of his band’s social media fan clubs. Together, they create promotional missions for new Heffron Drive music, giving all of his fans the opportunity to win free merchandise.

As your success grows, a few social media fan clubs may pop up. Be sure not only to acknowledge them but encourage them to keep working together to promote your music. Run contests to reward them for all of the hard work they’re doing for you.

Kendall Schmidt often uses Facebook to let his fans know he’s thinking about them.

3. Create a hashtag to start the conversation about a new release.

Heffron Drive promoted thier latest single “Living Room” with the hashtag #HDLivingRoom on Twitter. Fans and music publications used the hashtag to announce their excitement, thereby creating more buzz for the release.

Creating your own hashtag is an easy and free way to promote your music to an online audience. Intrigued followers will click the hashtag to discover what all the buzz is about.

Here’s a tweet guitarist Dustin Belt shared about #HDLivingRoom.

Promoting your music to an online audience takes place both in the real world and on social media. Follow these tips to get all of your online followers excited about your next release.

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