3 Ways To Make A Unique Album Trailer

Musicians and record labels use album trailers as a way to announce upcoming album releases. Album trailers are short-form videos that provide a sneak peak into the look and feel of music albums. They further highlight the artist name, album name, album cover, album art, release date and audio snippets from a few tracks. Album trailers are a great way to generate exposure for your upcoming releases. Therefore, make your trailer creative and unconventional to stand out from the crowd.

Below are three ways to make your album trailer unique:

1. Show your journey towards making the album

Your album trailer should give viewers an insight into the entire production process. Further, make your trailer emotive and personal. For instance, talk about your inspiration for the album’s lyrics, the highs and lows during production and the creative dilemmas you faced. This will make fans feel like they were an integral part of the music making process. In addition, audience react well to trailers that touch their emotions.

Take inspiration from Imagine Dragon’s album trailer for Smoke+Mirrors.

2. Build curiosity for your album 

Album trailers are a great way to build curiosity and anticipation for your upcoming album. Provide minimum information about the album in a visually appealing manner to boost interest. The album trailer for Katy Perry’s Prism is an apt example. In just seven seconds, the trailer creates a sense of mystery. 

In the above trailer you can see an anonymous female worker wheeling some boxes, with the words Katy Perry and Prism written over them. Thus, it seems as if Katy Perry is going to arrange her albums in the departmental store. The face of the female worker is intentionally hidden to build curiosity.

The trailer succeeded in raising several questions among fans. Is the woman really Katy Perry? Is the album making its way to stores early? Or is Katy Perry going to surprise people at a local store? The trailer left Katy Perry’s fans on the edge of their seats and Prism became a global hit.

3. Make your album trailer funny – Tenacious D- Rize of the Fenix

Humorous content is known to get more shares and views online. Therefore, add a comic element in your album trailer to give viewers a delightful experience. Moreover, good-hearted humor never fails to make your band memorable.

Take a look at Tenacious D’s trailer for Rize of the Fenix below.

Tenacious D’s comedy-rock duo, Jack Black and Kyle Gass, are known to produce funny songs. The trailer for their third album features Gass holed up in an institution, obsessing about his ex-partner Black. Meanwhile, Black is leading an extravagant Hollywood lifestyle and hanging out with Val Kilmer. You can also see Jimmy Kimmel, Josh Groban and Dave Grohl in a cameo appearance. Additionally, the trailer features the album’s shortest track, “To Be The Best”, to give fans an idea of what to expect from the album.

Album trailers convey the essence of your upcoming album in an eye-catching manner. Thus, use them as effective promotional tools to get followers’ attention. Follow the above strategies to produce a stellar album trailer.

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