3 Ways To Get Great Content Ideas For Your YouTube Videos

You need to upload a constant stream of interesting videos to grow your YouTube channel. To do so, you have to come up with creative, unusual and innovative concepts. So how does one constantly discover new content ideas that viewers love? If you observe the online realm closely, you will be flooded with ideas for your next YouTube video.

Below are 3 useful tips to get ideas to flow:

1. Create content that can solve problems

Viewers are very receptive to content that solves problems and makes day-to-day living easier. Look for some of the most common problems your target audience face. Then, make a video offering creative solutions and hacks to help viewers tackle the issue. To identify common problems, monitor forum discussions, blog comments, and social media comments on topics that relate to your YouTube channel.

Say you have a YouTube channel where you post videos on vegan diet. Monitor blogs, forums and social media pages on veganism to identify problems that vegans are facing. In the below screenshot I have highlighted one such problem. You can come up with several video ideas, such as:

  • How to smoothly transition into a vegan lifestyle?
  • How to eliminate tiredness if you are vegan?
  • 5 quick vegan recipes to eliminate tiredness.

The opportunities are infinite!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 5.09.10 pm

2. Find interesting questions to answer through your content

Find questions that you can provide answers to, through your YouTube videos. You can use Q&A platforms such as Quora and Yahoo Answers to find questions posted by audience on a niche topic. Use the “Best Questions” feature in Quora to discover the most popular questions. Additionally, you can also follow the below tips:

  • Check the comments section under your YouTube videos for questions posted by viewers.
  • Monitor comments on competitors’ channels for content ideas.
  • Look at forum discussions in your niche area and observe what users are curious about. You can get hundreds of content ideas on forums.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 3.33.24 pm

For example, the above screenshot is of a YouTube marketing forum. There are two discussion threads that I found interesting. I have come up with the following video content ideas, for example:

  1. Top 5 video editing softwares for making YouTube videos
  2. 3 unconventional ways to promote YouTube videos

Use the above hack to brainstorm as many ideas as you can.

3. Design content around trending topics

Explore social media hashtags to determine popular topics and videos in your niche area. Pick a topic that is receiving maximum audience engagement for your next video. In addition, you can also obtain inspiration from topics that prominent influencers are sharing.

The goal is to be aware of the topics that your viewers are talking about. Do a quick search on the Internet to find trending topics. For instance, Twitter provides accurate information on trending topics. It also offers “tailored trends” based on where you are who you follow. You can also check Facebook’s trending posts for more ideas. Additionally, follow search trends using Google Hot Trends





In conclusion, brainstorming for ideas is the most fun part of the video making process. Follow the above strategies to come up with epic ideas for your YouTube videos.

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