3 Ways Justin Bieber Built Up Hype For Musical Releases

Say what you will about the Biebs, but one thing that no one can deny is that Justin Bieber knows how to build up anticipation before a music or project release. He teaches all aspiring musicians that the wait before a big reveal can be just as exciting as the actual reveal. When musicians create a build-up before revealing a new song or project, they strongly increase the hype to help the reveal get a better reaction.

Here are three ways that Justin Bieber built up the hype before a music or project release.

1. He used social media to add drama and suspense to the build-up.

In 2012, Justin Bieber posted on social media saying that he had been hacked. This sent the whole Internet into an uproar, with everyone speculating on who hacked Justin and what the hacker did. Shortly after, Justin released the music video for his song “Beauty and a Beat,” and he claimed that the hacker illegally uploaded the video. Even though this obviously wasn’t true, it added a surprise element to his video. People got excited about the video because of the drama surrounding it.

This video is also very exciting because Justin wrote, directed, and filmed it himself. He teaches aspiring musicians to increase the hype before a release by adding some drama and suspense.

2. He created the ultimate online countdown.

Perhaps Justin’s most grandiose build-up to a musical release was when he counted down the days to the release of the music video for his song “What Do You Mean?”. He started counting down many days in advance, and each day he posted a photo on Instagram of a ticking clock with the number of days remaining.

Not only did Justin post photos, but he also got dozens of other celebrities to post pictures and videos counting down to the video’s release date. Notable celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres, Ariana Grande, Ryan Seacrest, Kendall Jenner, and Will Ferrell posted pictures of themselves holding signs saying “Justin Bieber,” “What Do You Mean?”, and the number of days left.

Check out the video below featuring many of these celebrities’ countdowns.

3. He made fun of himself in his promos.

When Comedy Central hosted “The Roast of Justin Bieber,” they aired a commercial in which a shirtless Justin was pelted with eggs in slow motion. This video reminds musicians that it’s good to be funny and sometimes even self-deprecating in promotional videos. Since this roast was planned to make fun of him, Justin added hype to the show by showing the audience that he could take a hit.

Justin teaches musicians that it’s good to show your fans that you’re down-to-earth by being funny and being able to make fun of yourself.

Justin Bieber has undoubtedly gained tremendous success with his music releases and projects, and these releases were so popular due to his exciting build-ups. It’s always a great idea to get your fans excited about your upcoming releases by building the hype in creative ways.

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