6 Types of Hashtags You Should Always Use

When you first see a hashtag on social media, you might just think of it as an unimportant and random addition to someone’s post. This could not be further from the truth, as hashtags actually serve a very important promotional purpose on the Internet. Tagging posts with specific hashtags allows people to find your posts when they search for those hashtags. You can also add these hashtags to your tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and more.

Here are six types of hashtags you should use to tag your social media posts.

1. Tag your location.

Tagging a post with a location hashtag is a great idea because it lets your followers know where you are. This is beneficial because you can connect with followers who are in the same place, and it helps your fans follow your adventures more easily. Location hashtags are also frequently searched for, so your posts can get much more exposure by hashtagging.

If you are in Los Angeles, for example, try hashtagging your post #LA, #LosAngeles, or #laig (Los Angeles Internet Gateway).

2. Tag your posts with trending hashtags.

There’s always a new hashtag trending. Trending hashtags have revolutionized the Internet and the world because they help information travel around much more rapidly. Trending hashtags are often topical, interesting, or even funny. Adding a trending hashtag to your posts will give your social media much more exposure.

Just one currently trending hashtag is #WomenWithDegrees, which celebrates women seeking higher education.

Don’t forget that if you think of something relevant and snappy, you can also try to make your own trending hashtag.

Finally a challenge I'm proud to do! Thx @taxstone #womenwithdegrees It's a party every girl can't attend????????! #emu #Detroit #womeninbusiness #bba

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Sittin Pretty (@jennibabi) on

3. Tag the time of the year.

Time is one of the few constants in the world, and everyone can relate when you hashtag the time of the year. For example, since everyone (or at least everyone in the North Hemisphere) is enjoying summer right now, you can tag your posts #summer or #summervibes. People will be more responsive to your posts because they can relate to you.

Holidays are hashtagging gold mines, too, and if you hashtag #NewYearsEve or #MerryChristmas, then your posts will certainly get more views. People like to see that you’re enjoying the same things as they are, and especially in happy times, people will definitely be searching those hashtags.

La Navidad no se acabó en Diciembre para mí ????????☃️ #amomisueternavideño #creoqueerademihermano #merrychristmas

A photo posted by Ime Tuñón???????????? (@imetunon) on

4. Add self-promotion hashtags.

Self-promoting hashtags are sometimes a little embarrassing to add to your posts, but you can’t deny that they can help you gain popularity online. Hashtags such as #followme or #likethisphoto can give viewers a reminder to keep up with your social media. You can also use hashtags like #Follow4Follow, which indicates that you will follow back anyone who follows you.

5. Use descriptive hashtags.

It’s always a good idea to add descriptive hashtags to your posts, especially when you’re posting pictures. Since certain adjectives can describe a million different things, they are very frequently used and searched for. Also, when you add a hashtag like #beautiful, it will make your viewers subconsciously associate the picture as beautiful.

Other popular descriptive hashtags include #happy, #cute, and #fun.

6. Tag the events you attend.

Tagging the events you attend is very beneficial for your social media success because it will appeal to your viewers who also attended the event. Big events such as concerts, games, and parades are especially popular to tag online because everyone will have heard of these event,s and they will want to learn about your experience.

When the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade happens every June, for example, people really like posting pictures and tagging them with #SFPride.

I'm still reeling from yesterday's experience. Thank you #sfpride for the honor.

A photo posted by Randy Harrison (@randyharrisongram) on

Never underestimate the power of the hashtag. Hashtags are fun, concise, and easy to add. They will make your social media posts much more popular, so you should make the most of them.

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David Yaghutiel is a Bay Area native who enjoys traveling, theatre, playing the ukulele, and learning as much about the world as he possibly can. He also occasionally daylights as a senior at UCLA.