3 Ways Epic Meal Time Gained Massive Success

Epic Meal Time is a YouTube channel that challenges everything you thought you knew about extreme eating. The stars of this channel are known for creating incredibly high-calorie and colossal dishes, which draw in millions of viewers every month. The channel has won awards and even inspired a Food Network television show called Epic Chef.

Here are three reasons why Epic Meal Time has been such a hit.

1. They push the boundaries of what is thought to be possible.

The stars of Epic Meal Time have cooked up some mind-blowing culinary creations over the years. The meals they create are humongous, extreme, and truly “epic.” They also list the number of calories that each of their meals has, and viewers tune in just to see how high that number can get.

For example, in 2015 they made a 100-pound pizza (one of the largest meat-lovers pizzas ever created). The pizza reached a whopping 150,570 calories, and fans love to see these creations and “eat with their eyes.”

2. They use a signature ingredient.

If you asked the creators of Epic Meal Time to summarize their show in two words, they would probably say “BACON STRIPS.” They use bacon strips in the vast majority of their recipes, even with foods that wouldn’t normally go with bacon. Their unique combinations of foods make them stand out, and they also make themselves well known by having a signature ingredient.

The stars of these shows even have shirts that say “Bacon Strips” over and over, and this is a great merchandising strategy as well. Check out this video, in which the show’s chefs make candy sushi with bacon strips.

3. They create innovative food fusions.

The celebrity chefs of Epic Meal Time are creative masterminds. They combine foods that one would never expect, and fans can’t wait to see what they’ll whip up next. Just a few of their innovations include the Chinese burger, Korean Barbecue lasagna, the Nutella doughnut burger, and the grilled cheesecake sandwich.

Viewers and fans love these videos because they are creative, fun, and exciting, and you never know what to expect.

Epic Meal Time is an amazing web series that all YouTubers can learn from. If you make your videos extreme, creative, and innovative, you can gain epic success.

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