3 Ways Beirut Proved the Power of Collaboration

Beirut is a successful musical group that started as a solo project by Zach Condon and later expanded into a band. Condon found great success when he decided to expand and collaborate, and Beruit can teach musicians a thing or two about collaboration.

Here are three ways that Beirut used collaboration to find success.

1. Zach Condon recruited his friends to help release his first album and perform with him.

Zach Condon started out as a solo musician from New Mexico. He began recording music on his own, but he recruited Jeremy Barnes from the band Neutral Milk Hotel to help him create a cohesive album. Barnes helped him create his first album Gulag Orkestar, which led to Condon getting signed.

At his first live performance, Condon recruited some more friends to play with him, officially forming the band Beirut.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Like Condon and his friends, you’ll find that collaborating is incredibly helpful and might just help you get your big break.

2. The band uses a unique combination of instruments.

Beirut is known for its alternative sound and combination of unique instruments. They have used instruments such as the ukulele, flugelhorn, glockenspiel, electric bass, and melodica. Not only are these instruments unique, but when played together, they create a beautiful harmony of unconventionality. The band members collaborate with their instruments in a way that stands out.

Check out the video for one of Beirut’s most popular songs “Elephant Gun,” which includes instruments such as the ukulele, trumpet, accordion, violin, and cymbals.

3. Zach Condon chose the band name to symbolize collaboration.

When Zach Condon named the band Beirut, he explained that the city of Beirut was an analogy of his life. He also says that he named the band Beirut because the city has seen a lot of conflict, but it is also “the place where things collide.”

Condon says that Beirut is also the city where Christianity and Islam come together, and he implies that collaboration and “coming together” are big themes for him. With this, he teaches musicians that no one can achieve anything alone. You have to come together with other people to find success.

Beirut completely advocates for collaboration, exemplified by the band’s name, instruments, and formation. Collaborating is the key to finding success in the music industry, and Beirut is a testament of that notion.

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