How This Vlogger Is Growing Her YouTube Channel

Vicky Justiz is a YouTube vlogger who posts about fitness, hauls, skincare, and more. With over 444,000 YouTube subscribers, she is slowly moving her way up the ladder with her channel.

Let’s take a look at how she is doing it.

1. She posts mainly about the body.

Many YouTubers tend to post about various different topics on their channels, which makes it a bit disorganized. Although Vicky’s channel does include a couple of different videos, she focuses more on the body.

For example, you can find a ton of different workout videos.

2. She invites her viewers to participate in challenges.

It’s always fun to watch someone do a challenge because it cuts off from the regular videos you’re always watching.

Also, it may get you involved like in this video where she challenges her viewers to do it with her.

3. She gives tips on how to have a healthier body.

When you don’t know where to get tips or ideas, for the most part, people will go on YouTube to find them. It’s always nice to hear what another person has to say and how it may help you.

Vicky gives a lot of tips in her videos about health and fitness.

Diversifying your channel with different videos is always good, but focusing on just a few things could bring you more success. Vicky does just that. She talks mainly about body fitness and health, which may target a specific group of people but also bring anyone to her channel.

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