3 Unconventional Ways Miranda Sings Found Success

There is never one specific way to gain popularity on YouTube. Rather, the possible ways are infinite. The YouTube star known as “Miranda Sings” particularly exemplifies this idea, as she has gained immense popularity with very unconventional methods.

Miranda, a fictional and satirical character created by Colleen Ballinger, is a comically terrible singer who believes she is great. Here are three unconventional things that she did to find success.

1. She displayed a strong and memorable personality.

Miranda Sings is essentially known for two things: her inability to sing and her hilariously egotistical and deluded personality. What people generally find funniest about Miranda is the fact that she thinks she is an amazing singer, when she is actually is the opposite. The comedy and irony in this draw millions to her videos every week, and Miranda capitalizes on this by displaying her personality in everything she does.

For example, when she went on a Disney Cruise, she acted like everyone was excited to see her, even pushing her way through the other guests and saying “No pictures!”. (When in reality, no one recognized her.) Even though no one should seriously imitate her actual personality, Miranda teaches aspiring YouTubers to display a strong personality in their videos so that people will remember them. After all, popular YouTubers aren’t called “YouTube personalities” for no reason!

2. She created unique collaboration videos.

Miranda Sings has collaborated with a number of accomplished and famous musicians, including Ariana Grande, Tori Kelly, and Fifth Harmony. However, when Miranda collaborates with them, she usually treats them like mediocre musicians and attempts to give them voice lessons with her musical “expertise”. After the voice lesson, Miranda and her guest usually sing together, and they usually sound much worse than they did before.

These videos are hilarious for Miranda’s fans, and they’re also great for the guest artists because they make them seem approachable, funny, and down-to-earth. (And let’s face it, these artists will sound even better when they’re singing next to Miranda.) Collabs are great because they can bring in double the viewership, and even though YouTubers don’t have to make their collabs like Miranda’s, she reminds YouTubers to make their collabs interesting!

Here is Miranda Sings’ and Tori Kelly’s collab video, where Miranda gives Tori a voice lesson.

3. She engaged with her fans in unconventional ways.

Another noteworthy aspect of Miranda’s videos is her comical and unconventional engagement with her viewers. Miranda has created many videos based on suggestions from her fans, and she is also known for responding to very unusual and random comments in her videos. For example, in one video, Miranda talks about her “jobs” (because of a fan’s suggestion), and at the end of the video, she responds to a few comments.

One of the comments she chose to respond to simply says “Um”, to which she responds “Thank you!” This is funny because it doesn’t make any sense, and Miranda’s strange comment choices actually motivate viewers to comment, because they could comment literally anything and she might respond to it. Again, this is very unconventional, but from this Miranda reminds us to constantly engage with our viewers to gain popularity.

Even though Miranda Sings is a very unconventional and satirical YouTuber, she teaches all YouTubers that there are countless ways to find success. By having a strong personality, making unique collaboration videos, and engaging with viewers in unconventional ways, aspiring vloggers and musicians can become YouTube stars.

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David Yaghutiel is a Bay Area native who enjoys traveling, theatre, playing the ukulele, and learning as much about the world as he possibly can. He also occasionally daylights as a senior at UCLA.

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