3 Ways to Use Twitch to Promote Youtube Videos

Twitch is the top video streaming site for gamers because it allows users to broadcast a live video stream. Although it is mainly used for gaming, it’s can also be used to promote Internet presence. YouTubers are finding successful ways to correlate Twitch with their YouTube channel.

Here are some use Twitch to promote your YouTube channel.

1. Stretch your following.

It is smart to promote your YouTube channel through all social networking platforms. Twitch opens up a new community of people who can watch your videos. By actively following people and watching videos, useful connections are made that carry over to YouTube.

2. Post round-ups of your live stream.

It’s a great idea to post highlights of live streams on YouTube later on. Provide a link to your YouTube channel on Twitch. If people can’t get on to Twitch at the time of the streaming, they can watch it repeatedly on your YouTube channel.

This idea can work in reverse by posting a video on YouTube connecting viewers to your Twitch page. The video below shows this method. The users post a video on YouTube telling viewers to watch their live performance on Twitch.

3. Make money with ads.

Once a connection is formed between your YouTube and Twitch channels, you can take advantage of all the ways Twitch allows users to make money. This is useful for YouTubers who want to commit to making videos full-time because it is an easy way to make money.

While live streaming, there is an option to play commercials, which allows the streamer to earn ad revenue. Another way to make money is by posting referral links to Amazon or other online shops. Every time someone clicks the link, the streamer earns money.

Twitch is a great tool to help promote YouTube channels. Although it is primarily used for gamers, other content creators should use it to grow their media persona.

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