3 Things to Avoid in Funny Videos

With the rising popularity of YouTube, it seems like you can find anything you could ever want to see.  There are millions of videos on every topic. One of the best ways to gain viewers is by posting a funny video. Whether you film a comedy sketch or you happen to be in the right place at the right time, there are some things you should avoid before posting your video publicly.

Here are three things to remember before posting a funny video.

1. Don’t post illegal acts.  

This one should be self explanatory, but it’s important to think about the consequences of your video. Posting certain videos online can lead to legal issues. It is okay to post funny videos of you and your friends, but just make sure no crimes are being committed during the duration of the video.

2. Be careful with polarizing opinions.

Everyone has their own opinions (sometimes strong ones) but that doesn’t mean all of these opinions need to be posted on the internet for the world to see.  While some subscribers may seem like friends and family, they are essentially strangers. Many YouTubers post rants with the intent to be funny, but it can easily go awry.

When posting videos, keep the content on subjects that you would be okay with talking about with new friends or acquaintances.  Topics to avoid posting videos on include politics, religion and anything else that could be extremely offensive to the viewers.

3. Don’t embarrass your kids or friends.

Always consider what is appropriate to post on YouTube. Once something is posted, it is out there forever.  If you do not have consent from a friend or family member do not post the video online.

Creative and funny content can be created and uploaded without being illegal, polarizing or embarrassing of others.  The consequences of uploading these types of videos are not worth the views or subscribers you could receive from them.

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Lydia Panko is an avid music listener, with her favorite genres being acoustic and alternative.  She is also currently a senior at Ohio University studying marketing.

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