3 Steps to Ensure Your Music Will Pass The Test of Time

Trends come and go, but songs that pass the test of time sit in a league of their own! No one wants to be a one-hit wonder; this is why it is essential to make sure the music being MADE is music that will continue to be PLAYED! The test of time is the only test that truly matters in any form of art. Follow these steps, and the music you make will pass the test of time and be played for years to come!

1. Be different.

Think outside the box and challenge yourself to create a sound that is uniquely yours. Artists who make music based off the market end up lost in a sea of other artists who sound exactly the same as they do. Kanye West made his mark on the rap game by making music like no one else had at the time, and he inspired a new wave of music as a result. Kanye wasn’t scared to be different. In “Good Life” he said “50 told me ‘go head switch ya style up, and if they hate then let em’ hate and watch the money pile up!”

2. Feel the beat.

When looking to pass the test of time, It’s okay to be picky on the instrumental. It is nearly impossible to create good music without the beat touching the soul of the artist. Whether you make an instrumental or pick one, experimenting with new and different sounds is a must. Taylor Swift shocked the world with her upbeat, hit song “Shake It Off.” Her ability to let the beat inspire her resulted in an amazing song that nearly everybody loves!

3. Follow your heart.

Music should be used as an outlet for expression. The artists who follow their hearts are the ones who become legendary. Music inspired by the true feelings of an artist is the music that remains in a fan’s favorite playlist. Good music lets fans relate on a deeper level, and it allows the artist to vent their emotions into their own audio diary. Eminem has never hesitated to put his heart into his music; this is the reason why so many of his songs go down in history.

In order to pass the test of time, you must be different, feel the beat, and put your heart into the music. All three of these artist became legendary by expressing themselves through music. Let the beat inspire you to conjure up real emotion. That’s how to create something truly unique. Only amazing music passes the test of time.

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Shauna Respass is a writer in every way, whether it be music, poetry, articles, think-pieces, or screenplays. She also enjoys listening to music, reading, discussing viewpoints on various topics, and spending time with her dogs, bunnies, and snakes.

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