3 Reasons Why Fifth Harmony’s Fans Work So Hard to Promote Them

One of the most effective ways to reach new fans is through the fans you already have. The girl group Fifth Harmony has demonstrated this phenomenon clearly over the past few years. With little promotion coming from the group’s label, its fans, known as “Harmonizers” have helped spread the group’s music.

“It’s the fans who’ve made this happen,” Simon Cowell said. “They’ve made it their campaign to get the girls successful in America, and now England and the rest of the world.”

Here’s why.

1. The band members are authentic on social media.

Fans are far more likely to help support an artist whom they feel like they know personally. Social media is an easy way to give fans a glimpse of your personality. Each of the Fifth Harmony girls is active on social media and unafraid to share her personal life with fans. In turn, the Harmonizers routinely help the girls’ posts explode on social media, shooting them into Twitter trends and getting their names in front of more people.

Here’s a pair of extremely popular tweets Camila Cabello sent in early July. They let fans understand her sense of humor and see her as more than just a voice. They’re also pretty funny, which certainly helped them blow up.

2. The group uses campaigns to spur social activity.

In order to achieve success in the United Kingdom last year, the group called on the large fanbase it already had in the United States, encouraging them to post about the great people they know and accompany the post with #5HGirlsCan and #PassItOn. Later, they shared a few of the images and comments on their social media.

They also used the hashtag #5HInvasion when they entered the UK and released British-focused content for their fans to spread across the Internet. The development of hashtags helps to make sure that all the posts about a topic are aggregated to produce a trending Twitter topic. Without a hashtag, fans might end up using different wording that didn’t register as the same Twitter topic.

3. They frame social campaigns as beneficial to fans.

Sure, your fans want to help you succeed, but they’re far more likely to take action if they see it as beneficial for themselves. The aforementioned #5HGirlsCan campaign was a huge success, largely because the group pitched it as a chance for Harmonizers to shout out people in their own life.

It was such a successful marketing campaign because it didn’t feel like a marketing campaign. Watch the video the group used to kick off the use of the hashtag.

“We want you to celebrate all the magical people in your life.”

Few groups use the power of their fans for promotion purposes as well as Fifth Harmony does. If you keep these points in mind, you can capitalize on the fan base you have already built.

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Matt Cummings grew up in the Bay Area and now attends UCLA. He enjoys sports, music and comedy.

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