3 Reasons Why Every YouTuber Should Write An eBook

Most of today’s readers have taken advantage of the fact that they have a library at their fingertips. All of the Kindles and Nooks brought books into an age of availability akin to the printing press. EBooks are fairly simple to create, and they are taking the market by storm! Here are three reasons why every Youtuber should create their own eBook.

1. Gain more exposure.

Using eBooks to build a broader fanbase is an extremely effective marketing tactic. Offering an eBook for free can help generate more subscribers and loyal fans. The lead gained from a free eBook is far more valuable than the time spent on it.

Even an eBook that’s only 10-15 pages can go a long way with readers. When the customer is offered something for free, the law of reciprocation makes them feel obligated to give something back in the future.

2. Speak to your target market.

Figure out what topics interest current and potential subscribers, and then supply them with more information on the subjects. Create this eBook with their best interest at heart, and they will support it. Evaluate some of your most popular videos, and identify the similarities among them.

Finding out the core of what your fans (or potential fans) want is the key to a successful eBook. Make a video asking for suggestions from your subscribers to include them in the writing process. Use websites like Canva to create and design your eBook.

3. Make more money.

You can get paid by writing about what your subscribers want to hear. If you decide against setting up your eBook as a free download, then selling it to subscribers is a great way to create some additional cash flow. You can offer your subscribers a discount code, but they probably would purchase your eBook either way!

Freelee the Banana Girl knew that her subscribers wanted to be healthy, so she made an eBook with a 30-day meal plan. For a limited time, Freelee’s eBook was offered to her subscribers for 50% off. One of her loyal fans commented that they would pay double for the book (now that’s brand loyalty)!

EBooks speak to your target market while gaining you both profit and exposure. Having your own eBook shows that you take your craft seriously, and it puts you on another level of professionalism. It’s as simple as figuring out what your subscribers want and writing about it!

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Shauna Respass is a writer in every way, whether it be music, poetry, articles, think-pieces, or screenplays. She also enjoys listening to music, reading, discussing viewpoints on various topics, and spending time with her dogs, bunnies, and snakes.

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