4 Benefits of Posting Videos on Specific Days of the Week

Committing to posting a video weekly, bi-weekly, or daily is equivalent to a full-time job. However, setting days in which you will post videos is an extremely popular way to maintain a YouTube channel. Reliability in a recurring series will help you make your mark in the YouTube community.

1. It keeps people coming back.

If viewers know a video will be posted on a specific day of the week, they will remember to check back on that day. The stability of videos helps form a consistent flow of viewers for each video you post. Jenna Marbles, for example, posts videos every Wednesday. She now has over 300 videos and each video has over one million views. At the end of each one, she reminds viewers that she posts a new video every Wednesday. Viewers return every Wednesday, which keeps the view count on her videos high.

2. People are more likely to subscribe.

When viewers know that what they are going to see is something that they like, they will be more inclined to subscribe. Viewers don’t want to waste time searching for videos to watch. If they know that they like your videos and that you post them every week or on certain days, they will subscribe to you so that they can get their favorite content more quickly.

3. It helps you feature other videos.

By using the featured content tab in the creator studio, you can embed other media to show up on the bottom on their video for the time they allot. This is a great way to advertise another video that’s similar to the one the user is watching. You can write a message with the small embedded video link that says something like “Check out last week’s video” or “Like this? Watch yesterday’s video!” Viewers can click on it and be led to more of your content.

4. It keeps your channel organized.

When viewers access your channel page, all of the videos will be in one place and in chronological order. This allows viewers to easily search through past videos. It also reminds you what content you have posted and when you posted it. This YouTuber, Alli, posts a video that tells viewers her favorite things of the month. With the consistency of her posts, she knows that she posts videos every few days. She can check back to the last time she posted a “Favorites of the Month” video, to ensure that it is spaced out from the new month’s video. Viewers can also easily skim through each month’s videos.

Consistency and reliability are necessary for growing your channel’s popularity. These benefits prove that scheduling days to release content is the best way to maintain your channel.

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Corinne Rivera appreciates every type of music, which stems from her experience in dance and playing the guitar and the flute. She currently resides in San Francisco where she studies electronic communications, explores the city’s art, and attends concerts of all genres.

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