3 Amazing Vlogging Accessories For Your Smartphone

There are tons of amazing vlogging accessories for your smartphone, but many of them are expensive or complicated to use. You want good-quality gadgets that won’t break the bank or break in the middle of a shot. Well, look no further! Here are three budget-friendly vlogging accessories that hold up under the pressure.

1. A chest harness is a great way to get action shots with your smartphone.

The Action Mount Chest Harness is a great harness to choose. It’s a lightweight, adjustable harness that fits any smartphone and GoPro for amazing action shots. It costs about $20-$30. It wraps around the chest and is fully adjustable for both adult and teen sizes. The mount is adjustable for any angle you would need, and there is a screw on the side that enables you to tighten the mount to hold it at one angle.

This harness fits any smartphone regardless of case size because it has two suction cups that attach to the screen of your smartphone for a strong grip. With the added elastic strap, it holds the phone firmly in place. There are silicone lines on the inside of the strap for extra grip to avoid wobbling while shooting your action shots. It also has an adaptor for your GoPro.

Here is a review video by Trail and Mountain that includes more details and a demonstration of different types of action shots.

2. A rotating device can capture smooth, amazing 360 shots. 

The Camalapse 4 is one of those vlogging accessories that every YouTuber should have. It is a compact rotating device that allows you to shoot 360° shots for up to 60 minutes. It costs about $25-$30. It weighs 3.9 oz. and is 2.7in x 2.7in x 2.3in. It can hold up to 5 lbs. and fits a variety of cameras, including GoPro, any smartphone, and any lightweight digital camera. It can also be mounted on a tripod for higher shots. It does not need an adaptor in order to mount your cameras or smartphones on it.

The timer is set in 15-minute increments so you can set it for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Each time section also matches up to a certain degree. 60 minutes is a full 360° turn, 45 minutes is 270°, 30 minutes is 180°, and 15 minutes is 90°. These numbers are marked on the outside of the device. You can’t stop it once it’s started, however. This is a sturdy device, but it’s not indestructible. It’s water resistant but not waterproof. It’s not recommended that you use it on moving objects where you aren’t holding onto it (trains, cars, boats, etc.).

Here’s a review video by CORE Features that gives more information about this product.

3. A selfie light can help add some extra brightness to any dim shots. 

The FLII Mini Ring Light for smartphones is a great way to add light to any low-light shots you might want to make. It usually goes for around $15. It’s round and compact and is very sturdy. There are three settings for brightness: low, medium, and high. The LED lights are very close together, so there are no awkward dark spots when taking your pictures or videos. There is either battery operated or rechargeable options available. The battery on the rechargeable version lasts about two hours when on the brightest setting.

You clip it right on the top edge of your phone, and you can take selfies or landscape shots. The grip of the clip is surprisingly wide, so if you have a wider phone or phone case, it will fit well with no damage to your phone or case. The grip is also very strong, and it won’t fly off easily while you’re walking around. The lower ring does block the very top portion of your screen, but it does not block any part of the camera.

Here’s a review video of this product by Pretty Casual.

The Action Mount Chest Harness, Camalapse 4, and FLII Mini Ring Light are three vlogging accessories that aren’t expensive but still perform very well. They are even compatible with other devices. Check them out today!

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