How To Interview Guests On Your YouTube Channel

Everyone wants to know more about their favorite musician, movie star, or YouTuber. To do this, most people search for interviews. Have you ever skipped over those interviews that just weren’t doing it for you? Maybe the interviewer kept stumbling over their words or wouldn’t let the interviewee answer completely. Maybe the interview ran longer than it needed to. Whatever the case, it didn’t hold your attention. That’s why it’s important to know how to interview correctly. It keeps your viewers interested and prevents any awkward situations on camera.

These four tips will help you learn how to interview like a professional!

1. Do your research.

First things first is to research the person and/or company that you’re interviewing. This will help you get an insight as to who they are and what their mission is, which will make the video seem more specific. It will reduce fumbling when speaking, and it will help you keep the interview on track.

Social media is a great way to get to know the person or company you’re going to interview. Checking out their website, if they have one, is also a good idea. Make sure to search for as much information as possible in order to make your question writing process easier.

This video by Ross Hero gives more great tips on how to research for an interview!

2. Ask good questions.

This is where the research comes in. It’s important to ask strong questions that your viewers want to know the answers to. If you’re not sure what to ask, ask your viewers! Say who you’ll be interviewing and ask if your viewers have any questions they want answered. It’s a great way to include viewer engagement as well.

Ask open-ended questions too. This will allow for more dialogue and fewer “yes or no” answers. Be careful not to be too vague, however. If needed, clarify your question or ask a more open-ended question. Make sure to pause for about 3 seconds in between the answer and the next question, so if you need to edit a part of the answer out, it gives you a good window to do so.

This video by Ryan Spanger gives some more great tips on how to ask interview questions.

3. Stay on topic.

If you have good questions, it will be easier to stay on topic. However, sometimes an answer just gets away from an interviewee, so it’s your job to gracefully return the conversation to your original question. Never interrupt an answer. Instead, wait for the interviewee to finish what he or she were saying and then ask a more specific question that relates to your topic.

Remember to be polite, even when dealing with a long-winded answer. You can always edit out the extra parts that aren’t important. Never, ever talk over the interviewee or cut off what they are saying. It’s rude, and it will reflect badly on you in the future. Just wait patiently for them to finish, pause for three seconds, and then ask your guiding question.

This video by Video Creators has some more details on how to guide an interview back to the topic at hand.

The two most important things you should remember when interviewing someone are to be pleasant and be present. Learning how to interview is a process that may take time and several tries. Don’t be discouraged if your interviews don’t seem to go as well the first few times. Remember to do research, ask strong questions, and stay on topic. If you follow these tips, you will learn how to interview like a professional in no time!

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