3 Free Vlogging Apps Every YouTuber Should Download

There are a plethora of fantastic vlogging apps, one for almost every function you can imagine. There are countless video editing apps, photo editing apps, organizer apps, and follower monitoring apps. So, which ones should you choose? That is entirely up to you, but here are three great apps that every YouTuber should know about.

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is an advanced video editing app that is free for both Android and iOS. It has been called an Instagram competitor, but that’s not really true. It’s a picture-editing app that enables you to edit photos from your phone or digital camera and then share them to your social media accounts.

Some of the capabilities included with this app are the ability to increase or decrease saturation, add unique filters, rotate and crop images, fix skewed lines, and adjust the white balance of any photo. You can also add interesting picture frames, textures, grunge, and lighting effects.

Here is a very cool video by PhotoRec TV that gives some interesting tutorial tips about this app.

2. Open Camera

Open Camera is a free camera app only available on Android. It is seen as an alternative to the stock camera found on Android phones and tablets, and it is a definite improvement. It is not a photo editing app, but it does allow for different effects when you take pictures or film.

This app is special because it allows you more control over the images you take, including lighting, white balance, exposure, color effects, layout modes, and more. It even allows you to control the resolution size of the image or video file you take, so you never have to worry about storage. This app is one of those vlogging apps that you just have to have.

Here’s a great tutorial video by Justin Brown – Primal Video that gives you a sneak peek into some of the great capabilities of this app.

3. YouTube Creator Studio App

This is an app made just for content creators on YouTube. It’s a management app instead of a photo or video app, but that makes it no less useful. With the YouTube Creator Studio app, you can monitor your channels on the go. This app is free for both Android and iOS and compatible with all devices.

It allows you to view the latest stats on your videos, respond to comments, upload video thumbnail images, schedule videos, and set up notifications on your videos. You can even edit the title, description, and setting of videos that you’ve already posted. This is definitely a must-have app for any YouTuber.

Here’s a fantastic tutorial video by David WalshOnline.

Snapseed, Open Camera, and the YouTube Creator Studio app are three amazing vlogging apps that every YouTuber should have in their arsenal. They’re free and easy-to-use! They will make editing and posting photos and videos easier and quicker when you’re on the go, so give them a try!

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Alexis is currently attending school to become an elementary school teacher. When she’s not wrestling with her cat, she enjoys reading, writing, and watching YouTube.