How To Ace Your Next Cover Video

Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber are just a few of the major musicians who got their start covering songs online. With the rise of social media, it’s easier than ever before for aspiring singers to combine the popularity of mainstream music with the allure of a brand new voice.

Here’s how you can absolutely ace your next cover video.

1. Choose a song that your viewers already know and love.

More than likely, potential viewers are already looking up music videos for songs they like to hear on the radio. By choosing to cover a popular song, you’ll unlock the ability to get your video in the suggestions next to hit music videos.

This cover of “Despacito,” the song of the summer, has more than twenty million views.

2. Make the cover sound completely different than the original.

Listeners don’t look for cover videos so that they can hear the same song over and over again. Rather, many of them are looking for something new while still familiar. By putting your own spin on a popular song, you can capture those viewers’ attention.

This metal cover of the Latin pop hit “Despacito” broke a million views.

3. Make sure your audio quality is top notch.

You could record the most amazing cover in existence, but no one would realize that if they couldn’t hear it in the video. In order to make sure that your cover sounds just as high-quality as the original, record your vocals into a microphone separate from your camera.

These singers even put their own version of “Despacito” on Spotify.

In order to make a cover video successful, you have to blow the original out of the water. Be unique and innovative, and concentrate on the quality of your audio to keep listeners hitting replay.

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