How This Music Video Got 1.5 Million Views In A Day

Former boybander Louis Tomlinson is back to claim his place at the top of the charts with “Back To You.” The British songster’s first original single is already trending across social media.

Here’s how Louis Tomlinson’s music video for “Back To You” got 1.5 million views on its release day.

1. Louis started making headlines before dropping the video.

In the weeks leading up to his single’s release, Louis was in the news nearly every single day. Whether it was confessing his true feelings about his One Direction days or speaking out about reconciling with Zayn Malik, Louis really put himself out there in order to bring more attention to his career.

2. He teamed up with two other artists for the song.

If there’s anything that Louis’s time in One Direction taught him, it’s that there’s power in numbers. In order to take “Back To You” to the next level, Louis added Bebe Rexha and Digital Farm Animals to his new track.

3. He teased the video the day before its release.

The day before the official video dropped, Louis released a teaser trailer and a behind-the-scenes look at “Back To You.” These videos didn’t get as many views as the music video itself did, but they generated enough interest with both Louis’s fans and several media outlets to ensure the song enjoyed a successful debut.

Louis Tomlinson got 1.5 million views on his first solo music video by making it a group effort. He drummed up just enough interest in the media to ensure the song had a successful release.

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