How Taylor Swift Became Music’s Biggest Superstar

Taylor Swift hasn’t released a new album in almost three years, but it’s still next to impossible to turn on the radio on without hearing her voice. She was only sixteen when she stepped onto the music scene, and now, ten years later, she’s one of the biggest names in the industry.

Here’s how Taylor Swift became a music superstar.

1. She started out as a songwriter.

When Taylor Swift was in high school, she convinced her family to move to Nashville so that she could pursue a career in music. Though her main goal was to land a record deal, she initially met with Scott Borchetta to discuss becoming a songwriter for Big Machine Records.

However, Borchetta made a smart decision when he signed Taylor to a record deal instead. Her success turned his independent label into a major country music powerhouse.

“Tim McGraw” was Taylor’s first single.

2. She released new music on a strict schedule.

From the 2006 release of Taylor Swift, Taylor released a new album every other fall for ten years. In between albums, she toured the world to promote her music to fans in every corner of the globe.

She celebrated her Red tour with this music video.

3. She made bold risks to further her career.

Taylor released four wildly successful country albums. However, her biggest singles always got airtime on pop radio. Against the advice of her label, Taylor decided to release 1989 as a fully fledged pop album.

To the label’s surprise, Taylor’s bold move resulted in the most successful album of her career.

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest players in the music industry because she’s always smart about her career decisions. By doing what she knows will be best, Taylor has forged her own way to the top of the charts.

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