Watch-Time: A Guide To YouTube’s Key Ranking Factor

Watch-time is YouTube’s top search ranking factor. Until 2012, view count was the primary factor for measuring YouTube success. Videos were ranked in search results based on the number of views it received. However, the focus has now shifted to watch-time.

What is YouTube watch-time?

According to YouTube, watch-time is  “The amount of time in aggregate that your viewers are watching your videos…” This means, YouTube ranks videos that engages and retains viewers on the site for as long as possible. Thus, YouTube’s new algorithm favors videos that lead to increased watch-time.

YouTube stated:

We’ve started adjusting the ranking of videos in YouTube search to reward engaging videos that keep viewers watching. The experimental results of this change have proven positive – less clicking, more watching. As with previous optimizations to our discovery features, this should benefit your channel if your videos drive more viewing time across YouTube.

YouTube noticed several flaws in ranking videos based on view count. Earlier, creators could upload videos with sensational titles and engaging thumbnails to encourage click-throughs. Although theses videos managed to gain views, their audience-retention was low and bounce rates were high. This was a clear indication that viewers were dissatisfied with the video content. To ensure relevance and quality of videos, YouTube introduced watch-time as a major ranking factor.

Optimize YouTube watch-time

YouTube prioritizes watch-time as the top search ranking factor. Therefore, the goal must be to create videos that engage and retain viewers on YouTube. Follow the below useful tips to optimize your YouTube watch-time:

1. Create engaging video content

The average human attention span has decreased significantly. According to YouTube, videos have 15 seconds or less to hook viewers’ attention. Thus, creators must produce remarkable content to engage viewers. The quality of the video must be consistent throughout, to ensure viewers don’t drop-out midway. Quality content is just one of several other factors that affect YouTube watch-time.

2. Use playlists to increase watch-time

Playlists are efficient tools to enhance watch-time. Playlists are essentially a collection of videos with a similar theme. They provide a linear viewing experience by auto-playing the next video within the collection. Thus, playlists are instrumental in increasing the time a viewer spends in watching videos. Optimize your playlists to increase watch-time and improve your videos’ search rankings.

3. Use interactive annotations to hook viewers

Annotations enhance your videos’ interactivity. They are very effective to engage viewers throughout the video. Annotations are especially beneficial to direct viewers to related videos and increase watch-time. Hence, place a clickable annotation at the end of one video and direct viewers to other related videos or playlists. This will enable viewers to explore more of your channel and increase watch-time.

4. Use appropriate titles and thumbnail images

Titles and thumbnails are indispensable for SEO and generating views. Several YouTubers use misleading titles and thumbnails to attract viewers. Although this may help gain views, the watch-time will suffer. This is because viewers are more likely to drop out of a video that does not offer the content it promises. Therefore, use appropriate titles and thumbnail images to ensure your watch-time does not suffer.

Measure YouTube watch-time

Measure the performance of your videos to design strategies that will improve watch-time. Check the Audience Retention Report to identify the dropout points in your video. Low audience retention is an obvious indication that viewers don’t find your content interesting. Find out the average drop out time for your videos. Next, come up with strategies to make your content more engaging and retain your viewers throughout. Use YouTube Analytics to measure the performance of your videos, playlists and your channel.


Watch-time is a crucial factor that improves your videos’ search rankings. Videos that engage viewers and retain them for as long as possible, are critical to YouTube success. Thus, the next time you upload a video, make sure it is optimized to improve watch-time.

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