YouTube Tips and Advice for Content Creators

Promolta has helped over 100,000 YouTubers since 2012 and there are certain steps you can take today to significantly amplify your growth.

The key is to avoid common mistakes and focus on the right things.

Here are 4 important YouTube lessons.

1. Aim for virality

When you create content, you should specifically aim for virality. To release the type of video that can get 1,000,000+ views and really blow up online. What type of video can you create that everyone would want to watch and tell their friends about?

2. Change up

If you’ve been releasing videos and growth is not as fast, then change up. Don’t release the same type of videos for years. Study creators who are blowing up right now and get some new ideas. Try new creative things. Also, remember that small changes can make a big difference with viewers.

3. Be confident

You should be extremely confident in yourself and your abilities. Viewers respond to confidence. People listen to and are attracted to confident folks. Thus, you should do everything possible to portray confidence.

4. Trust yourself

The best person to listen to is YOU. Most people who give you advice will have their own intentions and motives. If you follow your gut instincts, this will lead you to the best results. Listen to yourself. Trust yourself.

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