Why You Should Make a Fashion Vlog

Everyone has to wear clothes. Clothes are how people identify themselves. Whether someone is wearing sweats, a three-piece, or anything in between, clothes play a large role in how people want to be perceived.

Magazines are no longer the only place to find people with good style. YouTube has become the ultimate avenue for those who have a passion for fashion. There are blogs dedicated to new shows from high fashion designers, as well as recent hauls from collectors.

Here are a few reasons why you should start vlogging about your own taste in fashion.

1. Plenty of people are searching for outfit inspiration.

People are always searching the Internet for looks they can apply to their own wardrobes. There are plenty of ways one can explore YouTube to check out what other people are wearing.

Vogue’s YouTube channel features interviews with celebrities, makeup tutorials, and short films.

Gain inspiration from great fashion channels as a model for something to strive for.

2. Everyone has their own sense of style.

One of the greatest aspects of style is that there are so many different ways one can personalize it.

Fashion vlog SHOWstudio started out with a unique singular vision on YouTube nearly ten years ago. Through their appreciation of different variations of fashion, SHOWstudio was able to develop a large following and host videos by big names such as Lady Gaga.

Be the vlogger who stands out with a vision. Viewers come to vloggers who have their eyes and ears on a variety of trends.

SHOWstudio’s success is also evidence that nothing happens overnight.

3. Fashion is always changing.

Fashion is constantly recreating itself, and vloggers have a role to play in that process. Many vloggers critique different shows and shift trends through insightful opinions on the state of fashion.

YouTube gives a voice to any fashion enthusiast. It is up to you to speak out about the world of style in a way that others wouldn’t think of.

Whether fashion is a means to an end or a vehicle for someone to share their essence, YouTube is the best place for people to talk about what they’re wearing. There are many great templates that fashion fans can look at to base their own vlogs off of. Look to the best vlogs and see what they can improve on. Make a mark on the fashion world by providing a view or look that others wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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