Why You Should Have a Dedicated Practice Space

As a musician, one of the most important aspects of a daily routine is practicing. That is, after all, the old mantra on how to get to Carnegie Hall. However, practicing your art can be challenging at times if you don’t have a dedicated, soundproof practice space.

Here are a few reasons why having a specific area to practice can be beneficial.

1. You can make noise.

All musicians, from vocalists to violinists to drummers, make noise. That is the whole point of making music. That noise gets compounded when there is a group practicing together.

The biggest benefit of having a dedicated practice area is that you can make as much noise as you want, and no one will complain. Actual practice rooms are soundproof and spacious, giving you the space to practice your art.

2. You can practice as a group.

As stated above, practice rooms are generally spacious. They can range from the size of a bedroom to a classroom or larger. The benefits of this are that you can play music with other musicians comfortably.

Practice rooms allow each of you to unpack and set up your gear in a way that works for you instead of being limited by space.

3. You have a space that is yours.

Whether you build the space yourself or rent it out, the time that you spend in it is yours. You won’t be limited by someone else’s schedule, nor will you need to hold back the volume at which you need to practice. It is your space to learn, make mistakes, and experiment without fear of judgment.

All musicians need a place to feel safe in; performing in front of crowds can be intimidating no matter how many years you’ve been doing it.

Having a dedicated practice space not only helps out family and neighbors who don’t appreciate the constant noise, but it also really helps out the musician in question. A practice area is a place to make noise, to get together with other musicians, and a place to lose yourself in your music. Look into what you can find, and make sure to keep practicing.

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Anthony Mauro is a San Francisco State graduate who splits his time between the Bay Area and San Diego. He spends his free time thinking long hair is cool, playing video games for an online audience, and writing short stories, comic books, and novels.

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