Why Viewers Love Glossier’s “Get Ready With Me” Video Series

Glossier, a beauty brand that focuses on skincare above makeup, has gathered a considerable following on YouTube. Their channel has more than two million views, but their “Get Ready With Me” video series has received particular attention.

The series simply showcases the morning routines of women who work with Glossier or who are affiliated with them. The simplicity and authenticity of the series can truly serve as inspiration for other YouTubers.

Here are a few tips inspired by Glossier’s series.

1. Keep it real.

The women in this video series do use Glossier products and advertise their effectiveness. However, they also all use a variety of products by other brands; some of them even come from the drugstore.

Glossier does not use shameless advertisement or product placement. They simply provide authentic insight into the morning routines of successful and stylish women and the products that they use.

When making videos, make sure you are always authentic and honest. Never advertise anything untrue or anything that you do not actually find valuable.

2. Make it personal.

The videos in this series have a certain charm and appeal because they are personal. Aside from the beauty insight they provide, they also show more intimate details, such as the women interacting with their pets, making coffee, and covering up pimples.

Personal touches and details can really help your videos stand out.

3. Provide tips for viewers to follow.

The women in the “Get Ready With Me” series often provide viewers with unique beauty tips and hacks, like using certain lipsticks as eyeshadow or using a hairbrush to add texture to a top bun. Viewers appreciate the women’s willingness to share their beauty secrets.

If you have any unique hacks, especially ones that you figured out yourself, do not hesitate to share them with your viewers.

Glossier’s “Get Ready With Me” series showcases the real morning routines of women who work with the company in entertaining but informative ways. The series demonstrates how being honest, personal, and informative in your videos will help you succeed in the YouTube community.

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Jana DeGuzman is a Communication Studies major and French Studies minor at the University of San Francisco. She loves Mac DeMarco, Beyonce, and the ocean.

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