Why This Band Is Famous

Fall Out Boy is an American pop rock band formed in Chicago in 2001.They have since risen to fame, and here is why.

1. The band members work together to write their songs.

Pete Wentz, the bass player, writes the lyrics for the band. Patrick Stump, the lead singer, focuses more on the music behind it. Bands should be working together to create their music. just like Fall Out Boy does.

2. Every music video is unique.

Whether you like funny, symbolic, creative, or gory music videos, Fall Out Boy has it all. They have a music video for every song on Save Rock and Roll on their YouTube channel.

3. Each album is sonically distinctive.

While they are a pop-punk/rock group, all of their albums have remained individual and unique, a trait not seen in a lot of bands. They each have their own sound and yet still feel like a Fall Out Boy album.

These are just a few reasons why Fall Out Boy is an amazing band.

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