What Makes Vlog Channels So Popular

Since YouTube’s very beginning, vlogging has been an extremely popular content style. Here’s why.

1. Viewers enjoy taking a look into a life different from their own.

YouTubers like to remain true to themselves, but they also want to please the viewers. One thing that seems to entice many people is other people’s day-to-day lives. Watching someone else’s life can feel like an escape from the troubles and stresses of one’s own life.

2. Relatable content attracts a large audience.

People love knowing how others are living their lives, especially if they can relate to the situations that their favorite creators encounter. They can even base their own decisions off of what they’ve learned from watching the vloggers.

3. Communities often form around these vloggers.

While YouTubers care about making money, they also genuinely care about their subscribers. Viewers begin to feel as if they are a part of a YouTuber’s life and vice versa. When YouTubers show viewers footage of their lives, they are building the bond between themselves and the viewers.

These are the reasons why vlogs are as popular as they are today. Follow in the footsteps of your favorite vloggers, and you could have an amazing vlog channel, too.

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Abdul Saad enjoys playing video games, reading, and coding. He loves Twenty One Pilots.

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