Why These Kids Are Going Viral

WatchCut Video has recently released a video series starring American children trying different ethnic foods for the first time. All the videos are set on a simple blue background and a white table. On each take, a kid is sitting at the table, either grossed out or fascinated by dishes from Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, France, China, and more.

Here is why the video series is getting so many views.

1. Each video has an adorable subject.

The truth is that most viewers love kids! Many smile and say “aww” when they see a toddler walking down the street with his or her parents.

In these videos, WatchCut uses children as the main subject. By featuring toddlers, the YouTube channel generates a global audience from different countries and age groups.

Here is one of WatchCut’s videos, “American Kids Try Japanese Food | Ep 14.”

2. The use of humor gives the videos wide appeal.

All of WatchCut’s videos are not only care-free and stress-relieving, but they are also very funny. Watching kids react to different ethnic foods is both humorous and comforting.

Here is another video, “American Kids Try School Lunches from Around the World | Ep 2.”

3. The creators listen to feedback.

In this link, https://cut.com/kidstry, WatchCut encourages subscribers to provide feedback. The YouTube channel also asks the audience to give suggestions of future ideas. By listening to their viewers, WatchCut constantly creates appealing material for the designated audience.

To keep your subscribers, you have to keep creating what they want to see!

With the kids’ hilarious reactions, these YouTube videos are rapidly rising on the charts. Remember, pick a personable subject, create videos for the right audience, and don’t forget to be funny!

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Weng Cheong is a Psychology and International Relations double major in Syracuse University. She loves to listen to music, take photographs, and travel in her spare time.

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