Why Music Videos are Superior to Still Videos

Here are 3 reasons why you should always make a music videos rather than still videos.

1) Videos appeal musically and visually. Someone listening to your song is probably multitasking. Creating music videos ensures that fans watch the music and listen with their full attentions.

2) They tell a story. Music videos give your audience something to look at and follow. After watching the entire video, they’ll remember the visuals along with the music.

3) They have higher retention rates. When listening to your music, fans may get distracted and click something else or find another song. If you have a great visual music video, the fan will stay longer and keep watching. This means higher engagement.

While Still Videos are much easier to make, music videos are easier to market and have a more lasting impact. Plus, music videos are 10x more likely to get shared than still videos.

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