Why Manny MUA Is A YouTube Sensation

Also known as Manny Gutierrez, Manny MUA is the first male brand ambassador for the makeup brand Maybelline. Manny’s success keeps growing day by day thanks to his tremendous success in the beauty industry. Inspired by his mother at a young age, Manny has been active on YouTube since 2014, gaining 3.5 million followers since then.

Here’s why he is becoming such a sensation.

1. His videos include a lot of collaborations.

In almost any other YouTuber’s channel, you will most likely find a collaboration with another famous person. It’s always fun to watch YouTubers come together because it gives viewers a break from the regular routine of just watching one person all the time.

2. He tries out weird products.

Manny is one of those YouTubers who enjoys reviewing really random products that not everyone would use on a daily basis. For this reason, it amuses his audience because they rarely plan to try out these products for themselves.

3. He reviews other YouTubers’ makeup.

Before buying any makeup products from any celebs, people like to research first to see what exactly they’re spending their money on. What better way to find reviews than watching a very popular makeup artist who knows about the makeup world?

Manny’s funny collaborations and product testing show aspiring vloggers why he is so popular in the beauty industry and online.

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