How This John Legend Music Video Became So Popular

If you’ve ever watched any of his videos, then you probably know that John Legend is always sending positive messages to his audience. Some of John Legend’s popular songs include “All of Me,” “Love Me Now,” “Tonight,” and “You and I.”

With more than 83 million views, “You and I” has become a strong and powerful video that can’t be forgotten about.

Let’s break it down

1. He sends a positive message.

One of the harshest things women deal with today is body image because of how society has idolized being slim as perfect. In the video, John Legend talks about how this girl, referring to all the women in the video, doesn’t have to try to be perfect because, in his eyes, she is beautiful no matter what. The first line in the song says “You fix your make up, just so, Guess you don’t know, that you’re beautiful.”

This video gives a more in-depth talk about his message.

2. He used the video to celebrate diversity.

John Legend is amazing for doing this! He showed all type of women with different backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, and jobs. By doing this, he creates diversity because he’s not just focusing on one person.

3. He showed different stories in a short period.

The most beautiful thing about this song and the video is how the women he shows each have a very unique story. Every woman, young and old, shows in the short four-minute video something very close to her heart. The fact that he was able to capture these moments is what makes it so special.

John Legend created a masterpiece with the way he chose to showcase his song. He sent out a beautiful message that probably touched many of his viewers’ hearts. Not only that, but many people could relate, so it adds more meaning. By doing this, he was able to get 83 million views.

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