Why John Mayer’s New EPs Are A Success

As an artist who has successfully released more than ten albums, John Mayer never fails to impress critics and fans. In every single one of his songs, Mayer emphasizes his improvised acoustic guitar melodies and pairs his husky voice with soft, easing back vocals. The artist continues to produce hit songs including “Daughters,” “Your Body is a Wonderland,” “Gravity,” and “Waiting on the World to Change.”

After the release of Paradise Valley in 2013, John Mayer took a break from music-making. Now, the Grammy award-winning rock star is finally back with “The Search for Everything,” his four-wave album.

Here is a clip of John Mayer performing “Gravity” live.

Here are three reasons why John Mayer’s EP is a success.

1. Instead of releasing all his songs at once, he releases snippets of his album.

In an interview with Ellen, Mayer said, “I started realizing that 12 songs is a big ask from people now because there’s so much content…I decided to put four [songs] out at a time.”

By releasing smaller portions at a time, John Mayer gets more exposure for each of his songs. This way, each track receives a wide audience.

The artist has a strategy that works. Every song carries the same value.

Here is an audio of the “Love on the Weekend.”

2. He sticks to his roots.

Today, music fans are often introduced to electronic and dance tracks that go through a lot of polishing and tuning. Some artists may feel pressured to conform to the expectations of mainstream music, but John Mayer isn’t afraid to stick to melodies he most identifies with.

In “The Search for Everything – Wave One” and “The Search for Everything – Wave Two,” the artist chooses simple melodies he is most comfortable with.

John Mayer is at a point in his career where he is most famously known for his signature sound. The guitarist and producer continues to give his fans what they want.

Here is one of John Mayer’s new songs, “Moving On and Getting Over.”

3. His music breaks genre boundaries.

Unlike other musicians, John Mayer’s music appeals to listeners from different genres because his rock songs always have country, folk and singer/songwriter twists to them. The musician gets inspiration from different music. As a result, he composes music that attracts a diverse audience.

Here is one of John Mayer’s new songs, “Roll it on Home.”

John Mayer will continue to release more songs throughout the month. The rock artist is also currently on tour. You can visit his website for tickets.

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