Why Fans Are Obsessed With Wesli Band’s Viral Music Video

Wesli Band is a singer from Haiti who has 1.7 million views on YouTube. His song ‘Blackman Samba’ has been receiving a lot of buzz on YouTube.

We did a case study to understand why this is so.

1. Amazing beat

You will instantly start nodding your head as soon as you play this song. We don’t know what it is but if you play this song, you instantly start vibing to it as the beat is so addictive and catchy. It’s the kind of beat that gets stuck in your head and leaves you craving more.

WesliBand YouTube

2. Great voice

Wesli Band’s music video is elevated by his captivating voice. He has an amazing voice that perfectly matches the beat and the music. Once you listen to his music, it’s really hard to get his voice out of your mind.

WesliBand YouTube

3. Perfect filming and editing

The music video is a visual feast, boasting impeccable filming and editing techniques. From multiple outfit changes to fast-paced cuts and diverse locations, every aspect of the video is amazing. The seamless transitions and dynamic visuals capture the energy and vibe of the song. Overall, the video has been filmed and edited perfectly.

In summary – If you want to hear an amazing Reggae/Funk artist, you should definitely check out ‘Blackman Samba‘ by Wesli Band. His music will blow your mind.

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