Why Fans are Obsessed with Gabby B’s Viral Christmas Song

Gabby B is incredible.

She has a powerful voice and has been trending on YouTube for some time.

Her channel has 11,492,779 views and 602 videos.

Here is why fans are obsessed with her viral Christmas song.

1. Instantly makes you feel good

Gabby makes you think of family, festivities, and all things that are great about Christmas. The positive energy of the song can be felt and somehow gets transferred to viewers.

2. Amazing voice

Gabby has a very distinct and powerful singing voice. When you hear it, you instantly want to pause and listen to the end. That’s what makes her music so addictive.

Gabby B Music YouTube

3. Magnetic quality

Some people just have that magnetic personality. When they perform, everyone gets hooked and can’t look away. Gabby B has this effect on people.

Gabby B Music YouTube

4. Great cinematography

The actual video is awesome. The angles, lighting, editing, close up shots, effects, the way they filmed it, etc. Everything just felt right.

Gabby B Music YouTube

In summary: Gabby B is an incredible performer and viewers are in love with her Christmas song. We recommend for everyone to check it out.

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